Why Players Know Guild: Michael DeAngury

A self-proclaimed acoustic nut with over 40 years of playing experience, Michael DeAngury from Charlotte, N.C., gets more than just sound out of his Guild guitar.

“Playing my F-412 is good therapy,” said DeAngury, who saved up for years to get his dream guitar. “Getting it has basically brought me out of my shell.”

The seasoned guitarist has been exposed to music from an early age, and has developed a fine ear for acoustic excellence.

“I know Guild guitars and I haven’t played one I don’t like,” he said. “Guild has been around for years and they offer good value for great quality guitars.”

DeAngury doesn’t discard the possibility of expanding his Guild collection, but for now, he has a personal attachment to his trusty F-412.

“I just have my one Guild,” he said. “I like everything about it; the headstock, the quality of the inlay. Ever since I’ve gotten mine, I can’t keep my mouth shut about it.”

But DeAngury knows it’s not only about looks.

“They’ve got a unique, resonating sound,” he enthused. “They’re not only visually appealing, but they’ve got an audible appeal, too.”

DeAngury clearly has his priorities in line.

“Besides my wife and family, this guitar comes in strong at number three,” he stated.