Why Players Know Guild: Kate Hogan

United in Matrimony

Kate Hogan of Olean, N.Y., has a strong bond with her Guild D-35.

Received as a birthday present from her parents 37 years ago, the guitar is priceless to her. Hogan recalled the trouble her family went through to get her prized possession.

“My dad made incredible sacrifices to buy it for me,” Hogan recalled. “My mom passed away the next year, so I consider it one of their last gifts to me.”

Hogan remained resilient and kept her D-35 as a sweet reminder.

Years later, she wed a member of the armed forces who played a worn-out guitar while serving in Vietnam. Knowing that Guild guitars are “guitars that last a lifetime,” Hogan gave her husband a special gift in the elegant form of a Guild DC-1E NT HR.

“Our guitars are side by side, just as we have been,” said Hogan. Shortly after their marriage, the couple of 14 years traveled to Ireland, where they began to learn how to play Celtic music together.

After the trip, however, tragedy struck the couple in 2005. Hogan’s husband suffered a debilitating stroke that robbed him if the power to do many things.

“My husband lost his ability to play after a stroke in 2005, so now I keep his Guild in tune for him and play it so we can feel the love,” said Hogan.

Hogan has endured much and has carried on in the face of tremendous challenges more than once, and she’s thankful that Guild guitars have been there for her during difficult times.

“Thanks for being part of our marriage,” Hogan said of Guild. “Music has been part of the magic for us, and our guitars make that happen.”