Why Players Know Guild: Jonathan Zabin

First Impressions Are Lasting

Jonathan Zabin from Woodridge, Conn., found his heartstrings being tugged the moment he strummed a beautifully resonant E chord on his Guild D-40SB.

“The guitar just spoke to me,” recalled Zabin, who purchased the guitar in 1975. “It sounded like what an acoustic guitar should sound like.”

Zabin had walked inside a local music shop intending to buy only guitar strings, but couldn’t resist the D-40’s undeniable appeal.

“It had a wonderful, balanced tone,” said Zabin, still enamored by his Guild 40 years later. “Its tone was unlike anything I’d ever heard, and it’s only gotten better as it’s aged.”

And it should be noted that Zabin has been exposed to a variety of guitars. A few years ago he worked at Daddy’s Junky Music, where he received a salesman of the year award for outstanding service and well-rounded knowledge on musical instruments.

Although Zabin now serves as a court clerk in New Haven, music will always be his vocation. He is an active member of The Milford Folk Music Society, and plays regularly at his synagogue.