Why Players Know Guild: Ted Hechtman – An Unexpected Find

Ted Hechtman of Westbury, N.Y., has an entire room dedicated to his vast guitar collection, but it’s his three Guild guitars that are “the delight of the bunch.”

Hechtman, a guitar player since the ‘60s, when “everyone played protest songs and went to rallies,” had no idea what he was missing out on until about two years ago. He was on his way to hike in nearby Valley Stream State Park when he decided to make a quick stop at the Guitar Center in Carle Place.

“I was in the main room and this one odd guy who used to work there showed up magically at my side holding a guitar,” recalls Hechtman. “I’m sure his real name was Anthony or Tony, but he went by Tone. So he hands me this guitar and says in a very laid-back voice, ‘You should play this.’ He then disappeared in a sort of fairy tale way. It was a 1994 Guild DCE-1. I pulled up a stool and played it, and my fingers were finally home. It was an incredible experie