Rome Talks Working With Sublime

While discussing the first song he ever wrote with Sublime, Rome Ramirez (a.k.a. Rome) was all smiles.

“It was a pretty crazy experience. I was like 20-years old and I was in the studio with Sublime, the legendary huge rock band,” he said in an interview for Bud Light’s Music First series.

The tattooed tank-top-wearing Rome discussed the experience of putting together “You Better Listen,” while praising his fellow bandmates in the process.

“When they put their hands on the music, it gives it like this certain edge and this certain kind of bounce that not a lot of bands have,” he noted.

Check out Rome on his Guild acoustic performing Sublime with Rome’s “You Better Listen” below.

Visit Sublime with Rome’s official Facebook page for more information.

Rome Performs ‘Dedication’ in the Guild Lounge

Rome from Sublime with Rome stopped by the Guild Lounge to play the title track off solo debut EP Dedication.

Watch Rome in the clip below.

Rome is getting ready to embark on his first headlining tour beginning Nov. 2 in Solana Beach, Calif.

Visit his official website for a full list of dates and to pick up a copy of Dedication.