Why Players Know Guild: Robert Marr

Robert Marr vividly remembers the moment a Guild D-55 fell into his lap.

“It was 1976,” said the guitarist, who lives in Fenton, Mich. “I walked into Ron Zehel’s Guitar Land in Amherst, Ohio, and I was looking for an acoustic with a balanced sound. I played every guitar on the wall, and the D-55 gave me just what I needed.”

But buying the classic Guild model wasn’t exactly easy—Marr had to trade in a Gretsch Tennessean for it, ending a longstanding electric guitar phase.

Although the Gretsch was hard to let go of, the sacrifice paid off. Marr learned a lesson or two, and he became the proud owner of a beautiful Guild acoustic guitar.

“Don’ t get rid of your favorite guitar,” he said emphatically. “Ever. My Guild will be passed on to future generations. My kids are very heavily involved with music, and my D-55 is going with them at end of the road.”

Marr enjoys writing songs on his Guild, and has released six self-produced albums since 2005.

To learn more about Marr, visit www.robertmarr.com.