Dealer Spotlight: Music Emporium – North Bellmore, N.Y.

If you’re on Long Island, you’re in for a treat when you stop by Music Emporium in North Bellmore. The 6,000-square-foot music store and lesson studio has some of the industry’s most exciting gear in stock.

Owner Charlie Lovarco founded Music Emporium in the early 1980s, never suspecting that one of Long Island’s most respected music entities would evolve from such humble beginnings.

“It started off as a teaching facility,” said Lovarco. “One thing led to another, and now we have over 20 full-time music teachers and carry full lines of music instruments.”

And when Lovarco says “full lines of music instruments,” he’s not kidding. When you walk into the shop, you’ll find nearly any instrument series you’re looking for. That includes Guild, and if you’re looking for the GAD series or any other Guild line, Music Emporium will very likely carry it all.

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