Why Players Know Guild: Ed Diaz

Seattle’s Ed Diaz went a long way for his Guild D-44.

Diaz, who has played for nearly five decades and enjoys composing music, was living in upstate New York in the mid-’70s when he and a friend hitchhiked 70 miles to famed Manhattan retailer Manny’s Music. It was there that he purchased the richly resonant dreadnought model, which was introduced in 1965 with an unusual pearwood back and sides, with maple offered in 1971.

“As soon as I walked into the area displaying acoustic guitars, I saw the D-44 in a glass case,” recalled Diaz. “It did not take me long to make the decision to purchase it. It played and sounded fantastic!”

Diaz got exactly what he was looking for. The long trek had paid off.

“The maple body gave the guitar the brilliance and volume I wanted,” said Diaz. “The action was perfect and the Guild neck felt great.”

Almost 40 years later, Diaz said his Guild still plays like a charm.

“It’s got outstanding tone, playability, looks and craftsmanship,” said Diaz. “I especially like the neck.”

Further, Diaz – who calls his D-44 a “dear old friend” – has a few words of advice for those who don’t own a Guild yet.

“Do not hesitate to try a Guild when you are looking to purchase an acoustic guitar,” he said. “You hear so much about the ‘other’ big name brands, but if you don’t try a Guild, you’ll have no idea what you’re missing.”