Laura Marling Performs Exclusively for Guild

Prior to a recent headlining show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London, UK singer-songwriter Laura Marling gave an exclusive acoustic performance for Guild in the venue’s VIP room.

Watch below as the lovely Marling performs “Love Be Brave” off her fourth album Once I Was an Eagle. The 2013 album has been shortlisted for the coveted and highly influential Mercury Prize.

Guitarist Hunts for his Former Guild

Robert Shulman with his Guild

By Jimmy Smith 

Many musicians today find it quite satisfying to go to their local music shop to trade in their old instruments for newer ones. Usually because they believe it is an upgrade, most musicians feel no remorse letting go of their old equipment. However, there are those times where shortly after making a trade, a musician realizes that the grass is not always greener and soon regrets the move. This story is one of those times.

Meet guitar player Robert Shulman. Shulman, a 63-year old professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston has been on a longtime hunt to reclaim his very first guitar. Shulman has become so desperate that he has recently purchased an ad in the June issue of Vintage Guitar.

“Sorry I sold it!” headlines a photo ad featuring a teenaged Shulman with his circa 1965 Guild T100D guitar.

Shulman’s history with the Guild dates back to 1965 when he was a 15 year old learning to play guitar. Tired of borrowing his sister’s guitar, Shulman cleaned backyards and did pretty much anything he could in order to save up for his own instrument.

“Eventually I saved enough that my parents had my guitar teacher bring over two guitars for me to try out,” said Shulman.  “One was a sunburst Guild T100D. The other was a red Gibson ES345. My teacher played them both and declared that the Guild sounded better.”

Shulman didn’t have quite enough saved for the guitar, but thankfully his parents came to the rescue.

“My teacher left, and I went to my room to do homework,” recalled Shulman. “My parents called me down a few minutes later and on the kitchen table lying in the open case was the Guild. They had paid the difference. That was one of the most exquisitely happy moments in my life.”

During his college days a few years later, Shulman traded in his Guild for a Gibson. It didn’t take long for Shulman to regret his hasty decision.

“By the time I realized I had made a big mistake, the Guild had disappeared,” he shared.

In recent years, Shulman has taken advantage of Vintage Guitar’s free ads in hopes of being reunited with his guitar. Finally, he opted to up the ante.

“I decided I’d go for broke and place the big ad when I found the picture of me with the guitar in my room,” explained Shulman. “I still have the hangtag. Now and then, I get a call from someone commiserating or trying to sell me one like it.”

Shulman, who still plays in a cover band that performs at parties and weddings, hopes he’ll receive a legitimate lead some day soon.

In the meantime, as he noted, “The love of playing never dies.”

Shulman sold the Guild, serial number 40761, to Rhythm City in Atlanta circa 1969.  In the event you have any information about this guitar, please contact Shulman at  RSHULMAN@BCM.EDU.

Chloe Charles Celebrates North American Release of Album with Headlining Show

Chloe Charles recently released her debut full-length album Break the Balance in North America, and she celebrated with a show at the Revival Bar in Toronto.

Luckily for those who couldn’t be in attendance, video from the event can be seen below.

Click here to watch Charles’ latest music video for the song “Find Her Way” and visit her official website for more information.

Night Beds Perform ‘Ramona’ on Fallon

With a new album called Country Sleep coming out earlier this month, Night Beds recently stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to play “Ramona.”

In the performance, frontman Winston Yellen’s voice is reminiscent of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, and the string accompaniment just adds to the ethereal tone of the song.

Watch Night Beds below.

For more information, visit Night Beds’ official website.

Dealer Spotlight: Sam Ash

"I've been loving and selling Guilds for over 40 years and collecting a few as I go along,” said Ash. “These are a few of my rarities.”

Since its foundation in 1924, Sam Ash Music has become a household name in the musical instrument retail industry. With 45 locations nationwide, it’s one of the oldest and largest music chain stores in the United States and is the world’s largest family-owned musical instrument retailer of its size.

Sam Ash Music Corp. COO Sammy Ash has been with the company for more than 40 years and said customers can’t go wrong shopping at his stores.

“We do the right thing every time.  Sometimes, things fall through the cracks, but we always make it right,” he said. “After all, the family’s name is on the door.”

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Dealer Spotlight: Guitars of Montana

Guild guitars recently chatted with Mr. Bing Schmitt from Guitars of Montana for the story behind his music shops and his take on Guild products.

Ten years ago, Bing and Pam Schmitt founded Guitars of Montana in Stanford, Mont., – a rural community with a population of 400. Business was booming, and the couple eventually opened two more locations, Wicks Guitars in Lewiston (operated by renowned luthier Brian Wicks), and another location also named Guitars of Montana in downtown Great Falls.

All three locations are thriving, and Schmitt assured he couldn’t do it without his stellar employees.

“If I didn’t have the staff I have, there’d be no way to pull it off,” he said. “The staff around here is what makes the company work.”

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Dealer Spotlight: Rocktown Music, St. Cloud, Minn.

No other music store will rock your world like Rocktown Music in St. Cloud, Minn.

Founded in 2009, the 2,400-square-foot guitar haven carries more than 400 acoustic and electric guitars, making it the perfect destination for rockers and acoustic players alike.

Owner Joel Knutson says he’s proud of what his shop offers.

“We have a great, serious guitar selection,” he said. “Although we carry drums, pianos and band instruments, we decided to specialize in guitars.”

A full-fledged guitar player and collector, Knutson has a strong penchant for the instrument that’s especially noticeable when he’s talking about Guild.

“I love Guild guitars; they’re the best thing for the buck,” he said. “They’re lifelong instruments, and some of the oldest models around out-perform new guitars from other brands.”

Knutson boasts a personal Guild collection of more than 15 distinctive models, including a 1969 F-212, a 1972 D-25 and a rare four-string CE-100. His collection is so fine, in fact, that Mark Dronge, son of Guild founder Al Dronge, personally inquired about a few of the models.

“I’ve got so many Guilds that Mark called me to ask about a specific model in my collection,” Knutson said. “I have so many that it’s hard for me to even remember what I have.”

Knutson’s preference for Guild is apparent on entering Rocktown. He has devoted an entire wall to the brand and made it his store’s main acoustic guitar line.

So if you’re a Guild fanatic looking for Guild guitars sold by a true Guild connoisseur, your best bet in the upper Midwest is Rocktown Music.

Rocktown Music
305 3rd St. N.E.
Waite Park, Minn. 56387

Dealer Spotlight: Music Emporium – North Bellmore, N.Y.

If you’re on Long Island, you’re in for a treat when you stop by Music Emporium in North Bellmore. The 6,000-square-foot music store and lesson studio has some of the industry’s most exciting gear in stock.

Owner Charlie Lovarco founded Music Emporium in the early 1980s, never suspecting that one of Long Island’s most respected music entities would evolve from such humble beginnings.

“It started off as a teaching facility,” said Lovarco. “One thing led to another, and now we have over 20 full-time music teachers and carry full lines of music instruments.”

And when Lovarco says “full lines of music instruments,” he’s not kidding. When you walk into the shop, you’ll find nearly any instrument series you’re looking for. That includes Guild, and if you’re looking for the GAD series or any other Guild line, Music Emporium will very likely carry it all.

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Dealer Spotlight: Ludlow Guitars, New York, N.Y.

Ludlow Guitars in Manhattan’s Lower East Side is a class-act New York destination for connoisseurs of fine instruments.

“In a supermarket, you can get 18 different kinds of sliced white bread,” says owner Jan Howell. “And if you know what you want, then that’s a perfectly good place to go. We’re not the supermarket; we’re the corner store.”

But Ludlow Guitars doesn’t discriminate. Although the store attracts mostly discerning musicians, its doors are open to all. Besides, it’s hard for the average bystander not to be captivated by the bedazzling eye-candy mounted on the store’s walls.

“Our objective is to get customers inside our store, and show them what we’ve got,” says Howell. “Then we want to wrap their arms around something they like, rather than having them end up with an instrument that might not be for them.”

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