Guitarist Hunts for his Former Guild

Robert Shulman with his Guild

By Jimmy Smith 

Many musicians today find it quite satisfying to go to their local music shop to trade in their old instruments for newer ones. Usually because they believe it is an upgrade, most musicians feel no remorse letting go of their old equipment. However, there are those times where shortly after making a trade, a musician realizes that the grass is not always greener and soon regrets the move. This story is one of those times.

Meet guitar player Robert Shulman. Shulman, a 63-year old professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston has been on a longtime hunt to reclaim his very first guitar. Shulman has become so desperate that he has recently purchased an ad in the June issue of Vintage Guitar.

“Sorry I sold it!” headlines a photo ad featuring a teenaged Shulman with his circa 1965 Guild T100D guitar.

Shulman’s history with the Guild dates back to 1965 when he was a 15 year old learning to play guitar. Tired of borrowing his sister’s guitar, Shulman cleaned backyards and did pretty much anything he could in order to save up for his own instrument.

“Eventually I saved enough that my parents had my guitar teacher bring over two guitars for me to try out,” said Shulman.  “One was a sunburst Guild T100D. The other was a red Gibson ES345. My teacher played them both and declared that the Guild sounded better.”

Shulman didn’t have quite enough saved for the guitar, but thankfully his parents came to the rescue.

“My teacher left, and I went to my room to do homework,” recalled Shulman. “My parents called me down a few minutes later and on the kitchen table lying in the open case was the Guild. They had paid the difference. That was one of the most exquisitely happy moments in my life.”

During his college days a few years later, Shulman traded in his Guild for a Gibson. It didn’t take long for Shulman to regret his hasty decision.

“By the time I realized I had made a big mistake, the Guild had disappeared,” he shared.

In recent years, Shulman has taken advantage of Vintage Guitar’s free ads in hopes of being reunited with his guitar. Finally, he opted to up the ante.

“I decided I’d go for broke and place the big ad when I found the picture of me with the guitar in my room,” explained Shulman. “I still have the hangtag. Now and then, I get a call from someone commiserating or trying to sell me one like it.”

Shulman, who still plays in a cover band that performs at parties and weddings, hopes he’ll receive a legitimate lead some day soon.

In the meantime, as he noted, “The love of playing never dies.”

Shulman sold the Guild, serial number 40761, to Rhythm City in Atlanta circa 1969.  In the event you have any information about this guitar, please contact Shulman at  RSHULMAN@BCM.EDU.

Neil Giraldo Discusses Guitar Collection in Guitar Aficionado

Neil Giraldo

In the May/June issue of Guitar Aficionado, Pat Benatar guitarist Neil Giraldo discusses his history with Benatar, his contributions to ’80s hits such as Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” and some of his current projects.

Giraldo also invited the magazine into his Malibu home to take a look at some of his favorite instruments.

Included in that list is an early-’60s Guild Starfire III.

“When I was a kid, there was a guitar player named Phil Meglarino who lived down the street in Cleveland,” Giraldo told GA. “He had a great quiver. When he shook a string, it had a great sound. And he played a Starfire. When it got to the point that I had some success and I had some money, I wanted to get one of those guitars in honor of Phil. So I bought one a long time ago and never used it. It was like a keepsake. Then I decided, it’s time to break this out. So as of the last couple years I’ve been playing this one. It came with a Bigsby, but I have a problem with the sliding bridges because I palm the bridge so much that it moves around. So I changed out the bridge and the tremolo.”

Order Guitar Aficionado here.

Grizzly Bear Perform on Ellen

Brooklyn-based indie outfit Grizzly Bear recently appeared on Ellen, where they performed “Yet Again” off Shields. Host Ellen DeGeneres, who said she “just loves this band so much” generously gifted the audience members with copies of the band’s latest album.

Watch the clip below, and check out the sweet vintage Guild electric that guitarist Daniel Rossen is rocking.

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Orianthi Performs for At: Guitar Center

Australian rocker Orianthi is featured on At: Guitar Center’s latest episode, performing “How do you Sleep” with the help of guitarist Cyril Niccolai from the Fairchilds. Niccolai is using his Guild D-55 in Antique Burst on the cut, which appears on Orianthi’s newly released album Heaven in this Hell.

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Big & Rich Nominated for American Country Music Award

Country act Big & Rich were one of last night’s nominees for an American Country Music Award. Unfortunately, they were edged out by Thompson Square but it reminded us of how much we like this video for faith-based hit “That’s Why I Pray” off 2012′s Hillbilly Jedi.

In an interview with Kevin Davis, John Rich explained what led to writing this song.

“I think ‘That’s Why I Pray’ takes on issues that you don’t typically hear about in songs. It comes right at it, right out of the box,” said Rich. “When you are in Country music or any type of music outside of Christian music, you really have to be careful how you say things because you don’t want to seem like you are preaching at people. Those songs may not get listened to on Country radio. I think this song comes at the subject from the right point of view that pretty much everyone can relate to, regardless of politics, religion or background. Pretty much everybody wakes up in the morning afraid to turn on the news and afraid of what is happening in the world that seems completely out of control. You can do all the charity work in the world, give all the money you can, tithe 100 percent if you want to, and there’s still things going on that are out of our control. The only thing you can do about it is pray. We need to pray that things will get better and believe that they will get better.”

Ryan Bingham Performs on Kimmel

We just recently came across this Jimmy Kimmel performance by singer/songwriter Ryan Bingham, who shot to fame when he won an Oscar and a Grammy for “Weary Kind,” the theme song for award-winning film Crazy Heart.

In this late night clip below, the gravely-voiced Bingham performs “Western Shore,” the second track on his latest album Tomorrowland. Bingham’s latest effort marks his fourth studio album, but his first self-produced and a move from the Lost Highway label to his own indie company, Aster Bingham Records.  Order the album here.

OK Go Perform at the Driskill Hotel

OK Go at the Driskill Hotel

Ok Go provided some live music entertainment last night at Goodby Silverstein’s pop-up panel and party at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas.

The “When the Hell Do You Sleep” panel was not an official part of the South by Southwest interactive festival, but it featured some heavy-hitting executives and drew a packed house. OK Go singer Damian Kulash joined Venture capitalists Aileen Lee and Bing Gordon, Ian Askwith of Lucas Film,Warner Bros. Records COO Livia Tortella and IDEO Chief Creative Officer Paul Bennett for a Q&A session hosted by Goodby Silverstein’s co-founder Jeff Goodby.

Following the panel, the band performed a pair of songs with some help from their Guild guitars. Never known for being run of the mill, Kulash, bassist Tim Nordwind and guitarist Andy Ross stood on chairs in the middle of the hotel ballroom so that they could be seen and heard in the crowd. After fighting against the room’s ambient noise level on the first song, Kulash gave the audience some sing-a-long instructions for “This Too Shall Pass.”

Nordwind will be playing several more shows this week at the SXSW music festival with his side project Pyramids, featuring He Say/She Say’s Drea Smith. Check them out here.

OK Go's Damian Kulash