Chole Charles Releases New Video for ‘Business’

Canadian singer/songwriter Chloe Charles has her first full-length album, Break the Balance, coming out in the United States in October.

But, fans of her eclectic sound can get a taste of the record with her music video for “Business,” which dropped this week.

Get ready for a night on the town with Charles in the clip below and visit her official website for more information.

Lloyd Maines & Terri Hendrix Perform in the Guild Lounge

Lloyd Maines and Terri Hendrix are heavy-hitters on the Texas music scene, having both won Grammy Awards for their work with the Dixie Chicks – Maines for producing their smash Home and Hendrix for co-writing the song “Lil’ Jack Slade.”

They also regularly tour together, and they happened to come around to the Guild Lounge, where they played three songs.

Watch “Truth is Strange,” “Wallet” and “Slow Down” in the videos below.

Visit Maine’s website here, and click here to learn more about Hendrix.

Tristan Prettyman Performs On Big Morning Buzz

With Cedar & Gold scheduled to come out Oct. 2, singer/songwriter Tristan Prettyman stopped by VH1′s Big Morning Buzz to perform “My Oh My” off the album.

Watch the performance below, and visit Prettyman’s official Facebook page for more information.

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Watch David Byrne & St. Vincent on Fallon

David Byrne and St. Vincent have teamed up on the album Love This Giant, and the duo performed their lead single, “Who,” this week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Their television debut included a full horn section to go along with Byrne and St. Vincent’s excellent vocal pairing.

Watch Byrne and St. Vincent in the clip below and click here for a list of tour dates.

Guild D-125 Demo

The Guild D-125 dreadnought’s all-mahogany construction produces a unique and well-balanced sound, with clear, tight bass and a warm, airy top end-great for a broad range of musical styles. Its slim satin-finish mahogany neck imparts smooth playability and silky feel; premium appointments include mother-of-pearl rosette and inlays, and rosewood fingerboard, bridge and headcap.

Learn more about this guitar in the demo below.