Doyle Dykes Holds An Impromptu Jubilee At Austin Bazaar

During a recent Guild Clinic at Austin Bazaar in Austin, Texas, acoustic guitar wizard Doyle Dykes talked about why he loves Guild guitars and took out his F47-MC for an impromptu jubilee with audience member Rick McRae, who was a long-time guitarist for George Strait.

Watch footage of the proceedings in the videos below.

Soundgarden Announces New Album Title, Release Date

Earlier this week, Soundgarden announced that their first album since 1996′s Down on the Upside is called King Animal and will be released Nov. 13.

The band reunited in 2010 and recorded a song – “Live to Rise” – for the soundtrack to The Avengers, and have been working on the new material since then.

For a little taste, check out the clip below that shows Soundgarden in the studio and on stage.

For more information, visit Soundgarden’s official website.

The Head & The Heart Perform ‘Cats & Dogs’ At Lolla

Seattle folk-poppers The Head and The Heart offered an hour-long performance at Lollapalooza’s Sony stage, playing several tracks off their self-titled debut album.

Watch the Head and the Heart play “Cats and Dogs” off that record in the video below.

For more information, visit the Head and the Heart’s official website.

A Look Inside the Guild Factory

Get a fascinating up-close look at the making of fine Guild acoustic guitars as you watch this photomontage, which is the next best thing to actually touring the Guild factory in New Hartford, Conn., yourself. Every meticulously crafted step is seen here, a great deal of it done by hand—including initial wood selection, body and neck shaping, bracing and inlay work, fret placement and dressing, sanding and finishing, and more.

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The Black Keys Headline Lollapalooza’s Opening Night

The Black Keys have been this year’s heavy hitters on the festival circuit, and that was evident with their bombastic headlining gig Friday night at Lollapalooza.

The duo ripped through a 90-minute set that included several hits of their 2011 smash El Camino.

Watch The Black Keys play the lead single off that album, “Lonely Boy,” in the video below.

For more information, visit The Black Keys’ official website.

Sharon Van Etten Mesmerizes At Lollapalooza

If Sharon Van Etten had her druthers, she would have played Lollapalooza 15 years ago.

That was the sentiment she shared during a mesmerizing set Friday afternoon in Chicago’s Grant Park.

Taking the PlayStation stage at 3 p.m., Van Etten gushed about fulfilling one of her dreams.

“It’s funny that you’re a teen when you want to play Lollapalooza and now you’re 30,” she joked.

Judging by her performance, Van Etten deserves it. Culling mainly from her 2012 ode to relationships gone bad, Tramp, Van Etten weaves personal tales (she has sometimes wondered if they are too personal) with her haunting vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

On stage, though, there’s always that funny banter in between songs, which seems to suggest that performing is a means of therapy for Van Etten.

One can’t help but be charmed when Van Etten talks excitedly about all the bands she wants to see at Lollapalooza.

“Black Keys! The Shins! Michael Kiwanuka!” She basically gave the crowd their marching orders for Friday.

“This is a time when I wish I could be in two places at once,” she noted with a smile.

Throughout her show, there are both the folksy strums of an acoustic guitar and a bow taken to an electric guitar to create an atmospheric landscape.

But the most-powerful instrument Van Etten carries in her arsenal is her emotion, whether dealing with heartbreak or pure joy.

Guild Q&A With Alejandro Escovedo

Prolific Texas singer/songwriter Alejandro Escovedo released his 14th studio album to critical praise in early June.

With Big Station, Escovedo sticks with his brand of dusty rock and roll informed by punk sensibilities, but there is less of a focus on riffs than the rhythm.

Obviously, Escovedo and his band, The Sensitive Boys, are attempting to get the live audiences moving.

Guild recently caught up with the Texas native to talk about his career and what might be on the horizon.

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