Guild Fan Spotlight: Michael Julian Christopher Taylor

Michael Julian Christopher Taylor of Kansas City, Kan., has been a confirmed Guild player for over 40 years, describing his first encounter with one as “heavenly.”

His love affair with Guild guitars began after receiving a six-string Guild for his 12th birthday. The guitar was lost in a house fire, leaving him with only bittersweet memories. He had a second encounter with a Guild as an adult, but this time it was a 12-string G-312 and it was his to keep forever.

He bought his Guild G-312 in the late ’70s in a music shop on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, and promptly named it “Julia” after listening to landmark 1968 album The Beatles (the “White Album”).

“I was listening to the White Album on the turntable at the time; all the time,” Taylor fondly recalled. “‘Julia’ was the very first song I played on it. It just fit; it was that same sound.”

“Julia” has been Taylor’s constant companion for over 35 years now. He plays her for leisure, but also in the occasional jam with his band, Hejirah.

“My voice and that guitar throughout the years have melded together very, very well,” he said. “I’ve written over 200 songs on that guitar.”

Taylor’s enthusiasm for Guild guitars is hard to measure (“I only play Guild guitars; they make the best guitars on the planet,” he said). His preference can partly be attributed to their tone.

“It’s not too high; it’s not too low,” he said. “It’s a really nice blend of high, low and mid-range. That’s why they sound so full; even the six-string models.”

Although Taylor is a bona fide Guild aficionado sharply keen on six-string models, he prides himself on being a 12-string player, too.

“We’re a dying breed from what I understand,” he said. “The greatest music I’ve ever heard is from 12-string players. I’ve never heard an instrument that sounds as wonderful as a 12-string. I’m not going to go anywhere else; I did a lot of odd jobs to buy this guitar.”

Dealer Spotlight: Guitar Resurrection

Guitar Resurrection in Austin, Texas, boasts a rich history, a knowledgeable staff and a vast selection of Guild guitars.

Founded in 1970 as a music repair store in Berkeley, Calif., Guitar Resurrection migrated to Austin’s Crestview neighborhood in 1975 and has flourished as a high-end boutique retailer.

Owner Jim Lehmann has been in the business for nearly 40 years, and when it comes to knowing what’s best, he knows it’s Guild guitars.

“Guild is our best-selling brand,” he said. “Guild guitars have a very warm sound without being mushy; they’ve got a nice clarity to them without being too bright. It’s just a nice even, full, round sound that people really like a lot.”

Guitar Resurrection has enjoyed a loyal customer base for decades. Much of that can be attributed to the shop’s selection, service and honesty.

“We’ll never mislead or try to stick customers with something,” Lehmann said. “We’ll always match them up with the proper thing for what they’re trying to do.”

Although many Guild aficionados flock to the shop knowing what they want, many Guitar Resurrection customers nonetheless seek the staff’s expertise.

“Guilds have sold because we put them in clients’ hands,” Lehmann said. “Sometimes they come in asking for something else, but we suggest Guilds, and clients say, ‘Wow, that’s really nice,’ and they come back for them.”

Some of the store’s best-selling Guild guitars are the D-50, D-55 and GAD-30, GAD-40 and GAD-50 models.

Guitar Resurrection
813 Morrow St. Austin, Texas, 78757 512-478-0095